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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What Can I Do About Urinary Incontinence

One of the more common complaints of women in the child bearing age and beyond is the uncontrolled leakage or flow of urine during activity. It is a common and universal problem for which there are many causes and fortunately many treatments. 

The treatments of Urinary Incontinenceare under the supervision of the gynecologist or in some cases a urologist. 

Occasional urine loss can occur from holding the urine too long or stressful situations. This should not be construed as abnormal in all situations. The gynecologist generally deals with Urinary Incontinencecaused by changes to the pelvic floor anatomy and injury following childbearing or surgery. Occasionally urine loss is caused by neurologic defects which are brought on by diabetes and other neurologic injuries. 

Abnormal urine loss sometimes occurs with laughing, coughing, heavy or sudden lifting and sometimes during sexual intercourse. The onset of genuine stress Urinary Incontinence can follow the early stages of pregnancy as well as the late stages of pregnancy, vaginal childbirth which can cause both temporary and permanent loss of pelvic tone. This can result in the loss of urine shortly after childbirth or it can become persistent and last into old age. 

There are various medical conditions which can cause neurologic deficit in the bladder resulting in the inability to control urination. The most common of these is diabetes or pelvic surgery. 

Treatment modalities involve medicine, surgery, and various alternative techniques. Medical treatment can be very helpful because by taking one or two pills, control of the bladder can be reinstated and as long as the medicine is taken, the patient should be able to control leakage. 

The surgical techniques used by gynecologists provide instant and long term relief. These are selectable and excellent surgeries to assist in overcoming bladder leakage. There are behavioral techniques, pelvic floor exercises, electrical stimulators and some non surgical devices which can often be used in the early stages of stress Urinary Incontinence

With a systematic approach to the treatment of Urinary Incontinence, results are usually very satisfactory. If you are having symptoms of urine loss of any type, please contact Dr. Cowart at LakeView Women’s Healthcare Associates for evaluation, expert advice and knowledge of modern treatment techniques. The effective elimination of this embarrassing problem can usually be achieved in a short time.

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